Sun Residence

272 pts on Green Point Rated(pending)- 2nd highest in California

GRG logoWith massive mold and water damage, the consequences of poor building practices 5 years ago, resulted in the exterior stucco and interior sheetrock throughout the entire house. In fact the mold damage was so bad, over 15% of the framing and one whole end of the house had to be replaced. As the home of two doctors and their 4 children, this house apprecieated our emphasis on eliminating toxic and offgassing chemicals during construction. The homeowners were incredibly diligent about doing things right on this project, which included bringing the electrical, plumbing and structual improvements for this 50 year old house up to current code requirements.

Green Features Include:

  • House scores 272 pts on Build it Greens Green Point Rated system, making it the second highest rated home in the state of California, only behind our Bluebird Residence
  • Closed cell foam insulation in walls, ceiling and floors
  • 96% efficiency furnace located in insulated space with only 4.5% duct leakage
  • Modern double paned inert gas filled windows
  • fiber cement siding, FSC certified Machiche decking, lifetime warrantee roofing
  • Solar thermal hot water and 4.1 kW PV offsetting 90% of elect. usage
  • Super tight exterior envelop results in super energy efficiency, saving heating costs in the winter time and keeping the house cool during the hot summer days
  • The excellent site position on a 200 acre park and near the top of the hill, allows ample afternoon breezes to naturally cool the house down in the hot summers
During Construction