Riordan Residence

Proposed Green Point Rated Score - 290 pts.

Slated for construction to begin in July,2010, this 5,500 sq. ft. project will be a study in energy efficiency in a larger home. With over 35% of the square footage underground, the home will be thermally isolated from the temperature swings during the hot summer and cold winter months. The 6" Structural Insulated Panel(SIP) walls and 10" SIP roof, will insulate the above ground portions of the house while the air source heat pump will effectively provide hot water and heating and cooling for the house all year round. The R7+ super insulated Serious Windows will protect the interior of the house from solar heat gain in the summer and will help keep the house warm in the winter.

This home's many green features WILL include:

  • SIP walls and Roof
  • Large solar Photovoltaic System provided all the power the house will consume, resulting in net electrical energy producing home, which, when construction completes in 2011, will result in the homeowner getting a check from PG&E every month
  • Super High efficiency, R-7+ Serious Materials Serious Windows
  • Air Source Heat pump providing both domestic hot water and space heating, in a non carbon dioxide producing heating system
  • Radiant heat floors, providing even heat and no noise from rushing air.
  • Heat Recoverty Ventilators, providing ample ventilation of fresh air in the exceptionally tight house.
  • All FSC certified lumber throughout
  • Superlow VOC containing adhesives and finishes
  • As always, no added formaldehyde in any building materials, protecting indoor air quality from the pervasive teratogen and carcinogen

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