Mekechuk/Sinclair Residence

LEED Platinum LogoThis home is one of the best example of what can happen when a motivated and very educated homeowner decides to go deep, deep green. This house has it all. Close proximity to local mass transit, walking distance from Downtown Los Gatos, ground source geothermal heat pumps, high flyash concrete, polished concrete floors, GPR logoSIP panel construction, HRV's, etc, etc. While the home is still under construction, the plan for this home has it scoring higher than any home we have every built on BOTH the LEED for Homes checklist and the Green Point Rated(GPR) checklist. In fact, this home is going to be the highest scoring home on both LEED and GPR ever built by anybody. Stay tuned while we occasionally update this web site on this evolution of this groundbreaking home. Or better yet, join us on one of our many open houses at this job site or peruse the jobsite blog produced by the homeowner, Eichler PosterBryan Mekechuk at See the great educational poster, designed and lent to us by John Rider, of JRider Designs, by clicking HERE.

This home's many green features include:

  • Polished concrete floors, made with 70% flyash and coal slag alternatives for the high carbon footprint cement.
  • Structural Insulated Panel(SIPs)- 6" for the walls and 12" for the roof.
  • All electric house uses no gas and produces no Carbon emissions at all
  • Existing homes was deconstructed and over 90% of the existing structure was reused or recycled.
  • The new home will have almost the identical look from the outside, retaining the Eichler home uniqueness and charm and fitting in well with the other neighborhood Eichlers.
  • All FSC Lumber.
  • All large beams, if not required by load to be engineered, have been replaced with salvaged, old growth timbers from as far south as central california and as far north as Canada.
  • Large PV system produces all the power the house will need and the homeowners will be net producers of electricity. This will result in payments to the homeowners starting in 2011, when the new net producer lay takes effect in California.

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During Construction